Monday, October 11, 2010

In an old box of photos

I have more pictures to share  :)  . This one is obviously around Halloween in high school - and I am sporting my brother's HapKiDo uniform (that he wore when he was 12).  This photo just makes me laugh.  And cry a little, because I don't even remember it.  Like, at all.


I guess I really am getting old.


Last Friday, my mom and I got together to go through some photos that she has to decide whether to keep or to throw away.  Our intentions started out pure.  But then we (OK, I) got entangled with all the memories and the stories she was able to share about even long-lost-distant-to-the-beginning-of-time relatives that I found enlightening and self-defining.  And we saw how time has damaged the photos, even the ones stored so deeply and eternally between the pages of dark books in dark boxes in dark closets, that we were taken in a whole new direction.

***whisper:  Save the photos.  Save the world.***

As a photographer, I have made a point to take fewer pretty pictures of just landscapes and more pictures of people in the landscapes.  And everyday landscapes, too - like the kitchen and the street we live on.  It's amazing how much it means to me now to have a photo that shows the kitchen in the apartment we lived in while I was in high school.  I remember countless hours at the sink washing dishes while the phone was tucked between my ear and my shoulder, talking to Cherrie or to Jim - or fighting with Cherrie over Jim (Oops.  Daughters, never fight over a boy.  The end.)  I realize I really do need this link to my past.  And my kids do, too.  And one day it all may be lost. 

We fought over more than boys - Here's a pillow fight @ The Renaissance Festival.  Right after this, Cherrie smacked me right up side the head and I fell plumb off that log.  Good Times.  Good Times.  :)

Every school year, I have a goal.  Last year - organize the house.  This year - organize the photos.

What about you?  Do you have old photos sitting in a box?  (And let's be honest here.  Now they're all sitting in my digital box - perhaps even worse than the dark box in the corner!)
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