Friday, January 21, 2011

Five Photos Today

My friend Frizzy started a new series titled Five Photo Friday.  Since she's my BFF since High School Freshman year and BFFs support one another's projects, and because she and I share a love of photography (and she has SKEELZ! letmejusttellyou!), and because I'm giving Old Man Winter a little shove this week, I'm participating in her Linky Party.  Enjoy these and then go give my friend a shout!  And Happy Friday!

the docs say she shouldn't be a cheerleader.
we said she could for this.

these boys shoveled the walkways ALL around our neighborhood {for free!};
all dog walkers and runners Welcome Here!

Pretty Betty got to work for some folks on our Snow Day
where cookies for breakfast come standard

aaaaaaah!  Sweet Yum.  MY Breakfast this morning.
Old Man Winter ain't got no hold on me!
I bake, therefore I am.  (HSM reference, yo.)

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