Saturday, January 15, 2011

on resolve

Resolving to run again.  I'm figuring that 4 month hiatus was quite long enough now.  Back to not describing myself as 'a runner.'  Why does it have to be so difficult?  Oh that's right.  Because then everyone would do it.  (As if that's a valid reason to make it so tough on the lowly housewife wannabe runner.)

Resolving to stay within budget.  I actually still have cash in the envelope (and 5 days remaining before payday).  Even after the trip to the library today when the sweet maternal librarian looked me flat in the eyes and said, "This card has been suspended until the $38.79 fine is paid."  SAY WHAT?  Who racks up a $40 fine to the public library??  Oh.  Apparently that would be me.  Or Us.  The ones who over-use the 7 day grace period.  Invariably losing said library books right at the end of said grace period.  Books and missing sox.  Someday I will find the motherload.  I might as well go buy books from B&N.  It'd actually be cheaper.

New resolving:  No Library Fines.

Resolving to eat in more.  Including coffee.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know.  I didn't even want to write that one here.  I'm a broken record of failed attempts to limit my icee mochas.  But I'm doing fairly well.  Well, until this week, anyway.  And just because this is only the second week of January and I really only did fairly well the first week of January, either, does NOT mean that I am not still going to try.  Confucious say, "There is no try.  There is only do."  Him or Yoda.   Both wise, wise men.

Speaking of wise men, did you know my husband brings me icee mochas?  2-3 times each week, he gets up, drives to Bread Co, brings home a frozen chocolatey coffee, sticks it in the freezer, and drives on to work.  When I get up, I'll see a Bread Co bag on the counter with a cranberry orange muffin waiting for me and I'll know to look in the freezer.  Seriously.  How can I compete (i.e. reduce icee mochas) with a husband as awesome as that?  And yes, I am writing that here so that in the memory of the remembering, I feel the awesomeness that is my husband.  I am very lucky.  But I lack resolve.  Totally his fault.

Yeah right.

did Daddy bring me some too?

Anyway, 3 goals.  Not resolutions.  Just goals. 

The one that frustrates me the most is running.  Last year at this time I was running 8-13 miles outside every weekend.  I can barely get through a mile on the treadmill. 

The one that embarrasses me the most is coffee.  I used to drive to a different Bread Co. every day so as not to look quite as addicted.  I'm not so worried about that anymore.  Plus I LOVE our local Bread Co.  Some day I'll tell you why.  But for today, just know that I am a HUGE SoCo Bread Co. fan.


And the best one so far is the budget.  'Cept for that unexpected cash loss at the library today.  Then again, I guess that's why you budget.  So you have enough for the emergencies when they come up.

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