Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a Snowday ~ Who Wants a(nother) Cupcake?

The twin's violin concert was rescheduled for tonite.  From the last snowday we celebrated.  Unfortunately, now there's a giant ice storm knocking down our door, so the concert has been cancelled for good.  Not before I'd made a giant batch of red velvet cupcakes for our family to enjoy at the pre-concert dinner, though.  What do you do with an entire batch of gorgeous red velvet cupcakes when company is suddenly not coming?  When you don't want to really, really have to run every morning of your life...?

You meet your best friend at the bus stop with a box of 6 wrapped in a pretty polkadot ribbon.  And when your neighbor shows up to pick up his son after the playdate, you load him up with a box of 4 also.  And that leaves 4.  None for you.  Cuz the family ate them all after dinner.  Didn't even leave you one. 

'Tis totally OK, cuz I ate something like 3 or 4 of them this afternoon before the early dismissal call even came.  I was planning to run in the morning anyway.

Head over here if you want a lovely (easy!) red velvet cake recipe with a surprising whipped cream frosting.  Click here if you like the cupcake liners (I LOVE them!  Dierberg's has them in the StL) and here if you want to check out my newest favorite blog!


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