Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's a Sickness, Really

There is some serious baking going on over here at Chez No.6 homefront.  I'm baking things as though there were some sort of need for dozens of sweet treats and no one around to eat them (well, there are plenty of kids around, but when they eat Poptarts and Lucky Charms for breakfast and chase that with a piece of candy or a bag of Goldfish crackers for snack, who's going to let them eat peanut butter tartlets?...Who is their mother, anyway?!). 

Then along comes Pookie.  My Baker in Training.   :)  With all the snow days, we've caught up on all The Next Great Baker episodes and we're inspired!  She keeps asking me, "Do you think I'm The Next Great Baker?" in only the way that Pookie can {read: 18 times in the course of baking one 2-layer cake...}

Today we're planning to finish frosting daddy's birthday cake with vanilla bean buttercream (we're trying this one) and I'm going to try homemade bread.  With yeast and kneeding and everything.  (These kids seriously need to get back to school.  And I need to run!)  I'll keep ya posted!
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