Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Do you hear that?  Do you just ...barely...hear that sound?  Of angels singing?  I hear them.  I do!  Hallelujah!  My kids ate some real food!  The angels sing, "Do. you. see. her-kids eating fo--oo--oo---ood..."  You know - like "And He shall reign for-ever and eeehh--ver!"

I hear it.
Do you hear it, too?

Over the weekend, we saw some real success with The Everyday Food Challenge.  I made porkchops with fresh pineapple (jerk pineapple pork chops, pg.18), pineapple and black bean salsa, pg. 22 (hubby, who does not eat beans, said the black beans tasted, "...creamy.  And [the salsa was] kind of good..."!!!), and sweet-pepper rice with sausage, pg.74 (I undercooked the rice, so I won't hold that against anyone).  It was uplifting to make meals that - for the most part - were consumed without distress, duress, or coercion (never mind that my pickiest eater was gone to a friend's half the weekend...).  I think these three recipes will all be repeaters!  (The salsa, especially, was a surprising yumOH!)

And speaking of repeaters and yumOH!  I'll definitely have you all over the next time I serve banana-caramel napoleans (pg 107).  Talk about hearing the angels sing.  That dessert tasted divine!

Btw, I'm not being paid by any big, fancy, multi-million dollar cookbook author to say any of this stuff.  So, maybe it begs the question ~ why are you really doing this, Karin?  Why are you putting yourself through all of these recipes?  I'll be back to explain more tomorrow...
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