Tuesday, March 8, 2011

on motivation

I spent some time considering Why Am I Doing This Cooking Challenge?  Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that it was about COLOR.

Now how does that make sense?

Well, I've determined that there are times when I live in a world of grey.  Let's call it a room, just for the designer in me.  I look at the room ~ my schedule ~ and I plow through the tasks and everything sort of starts to blend together and it's not really a bad room ~ it has all the ammenities and it's quite comfortable, but really?  Really when you look around the place you just see grey.

So I've discovered about myself that every year I find a throw pillow.  In a lovely vibrant shade of something.  Maybe garnet red.  Cuz I love red.  Maybe a tempting turquoise.  Or an apple green.  Cuz I'm current and hip and trendy like that.  But every year, I splash a little extra life into this room I call...life.  The year I wrote letters to all my friends - every month.  The year I devoted Lent to giving up Icee Mochas.  *CHALLENGING!*  The year I decided to run a marathon.  The year I cooked and baked every recipe in the Martha Stewart Everyday Foods Magazine.

It gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Maybe instead of corporate accolades.  Or awards.  Or prestige.  Or pats on the back.  It's my own little way to say, "Yes I Can."  (*cue Obama Inaugural speech*)

So, anyway.  In the silence that is known as my blog sometimes, know that I'm over here...redecorating.  It's not world changing.  Maybe in the scheme of things, it's not even really life changing.  But it's what I do ` and this is why I do it. 

Do you set new, unusual, interesting challenges for yourself?  What drives you to succeed in them?  What derails you?  Why do you do it?
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