Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Months ago I sat on the couch with my sweetie and whined I meaned begged I mean asked if we could please, please, please GO somewhere this year during spring break.  It seems every year that this week rolls around I find myself planning the St. Louis StayCay.  Not that there's anything wrong with's just been the case every year for 7 years.  And apparently I was getting a 7 year itch to travel!!!  But because Hubby was in Southern California the first two weeks of March (yeah - I know), he felt he needed to be in the office rather than at the beach.  (*hrumph*)  So we were in the Lou once again.

Once I made amends with that (which was, like, 20 seconds, because really I love our town and I love being with my kids more), I asked the kids what they wanted to do - Zoo (always!).  Check.  ChuckECheese.  Check.  Friends over.  Check.  That left at least two free days.  I trekked to the bookstore looking for ideas on other things to do. 

A great nature book I found spoke highly of two spots we'd never been.  The first - The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge - is a spot I've often wanted to visit.  The second - The Grand Bluff - sounded dangerous and steep and different and exciting!  The week was planned!

Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn't show up to play near the beginning of the week - when I'd planned to do our outdoor activities.  My attitude stunk.  The kids got squirrely.  My patience wained.  The kids got squirrelier.  But in the end, I think we made it a memorable week.  I look forward to sharing some of our adventures in the next few days!  (My computer is finally home from the shop - for good?? - so I should be good to my word this time!!!)  See you soon!

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