Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's That Time Again!

This is the third year in a row that I have been writing a blog when Lent arrives.  One of the best things about writing is the ability to reread what is written.  So, in years past, I have given up eating out and I've given up coffee out.  I've limited computer time and finished The Love Dare.  I've gotten rid of 40 bags of things in 40 days.  Before written documentation, I gave up sugar.  And chocolate.  While pregnant.  ...that was the year we went to Disney and I gained 15 pounds the week we were gone from eating little frozen sticks of chocolatey Mickey wonder.  Oooooh my mouth waters even as I type.  So sugar and chocolate had to go that year.  This year, notsomuch. 
{  I <3 chocolate :)  }
This year I've decided to spin the 40 bags in 40 days concept into 40 minutes for 40 days.  I vow to work on 'extra' house projects (not the mountains of laundry or the stacks of dirty dishes or straightening, dusting, or vacuuming.  But the extra piles of stuff that I've let go for a year.  Again.) for 40 minutes each day.  I plan to not go to Bread Co on my own (but as I informed Hubs this morning - he can go for me as often as he'd like!!!).  And it's time to get serious about this Nashville run coming up again in April.  So I'm hitting the streets with my new Brooks.
We're also hitting the streets with our bikes.  I challenged the kids to ride their bikes to and from school every day during Lent.  After I figured out that I come and go from my driveway 6 times just getting the kids to school, and with rising gas prices, I thought it would be a healthy challenge for all of us.  The thing is, there is no distinctly safe route to take to school.  One way requires crossing a busy street - twice.  The other way requires traveling on a busy road for half a block.  Oh.  And did I mention there are no bike racks at our school? 
I enlisted the permission and help from our principal (love that man) and we succeeded yesterday in getting three kids to school at two different times.  Parked the bikes in the school office.  And traveled safely home in the PM.  I felt GREAT not even getting the van out but one time!   Funny thing is, the kids thought going to school was way too cold.  By the time I picked them up in the afternoon, I was pretty convinced my idea stunk.  But they were ROCK STARS.  Apparently absolutely everyone at school saw them riding their bikes that morning and now they are in it to win it.  Except this morning.  We let this one slide since Sashi goes to a different school at a different time and by the time they all managed to get ready, it was too late to ride.  Not to mention freezing, so we'll be back riding hot and heavy after spring break.  Weather permitting, of course.
What about you?  Are you giving anything up - or adding anything in - for Lent?
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