Thursday, February 3, 2011

Friday Fab 5

I admit it.  Choosing just five photos for today's link to Frizz was a challenge.  I've had 4 of my favorite people home with me all week because of the weather.  Man I love these kids!  And I absolutely love how much they love each other, as well.  We sure enjoyed our week - I'll write more on that later.  For today, enjoy these 5 favorite...

The boys' cars didn't win fastest at last weekend's Pinewood Derby, but they both won Craftsmanship in their dens.
I'm proud of all 3 of my boys!

Our blizzard didn't amount to much (the snow went north and east), but it left some pretty glitter.

I love this boy.  I grabbed this photo on the sly with a big lens.  I'm so glad I snapped it.

We gave Dad a Heartattack tonite when he came home from work.
The Baker Extraordinaire with The Birthday Boy.

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