Friday, February 18, 2011

Makin' Memories

When I was a kid, we spent a week every summer in a cabin by the lake 'Makin' Memories.'  At least, that's what we called it.  This week, we stayed home and did our normal crazy busy feverishly hectic schedule and we did the same thing.  We were busy all week Makin' Memories.

 The weather - after months of crazy winter - turned gorgeous this week.  Little Bit got to try out her new bike Santa left her under the tree a few months ago.  Man alive is she getting big.  I love the way she pedals and talks.  And rationalizes getting off when the hills and valleys ahead require just a little bit more being little and letting momma lead.  And then that dog?  I do believe he is the girl's best friend.

Speaking of best friends.  These two can duke it out and minutes later be wrapped in deep conversation about Bey Blades.  Or Pokemon.  Or Legos.  Or the latest Rick Riordan novel.  I adore their relationship.  And them to the core of their being.

I'm baaaa-aaacck!  Blonde and beautiful baby!   :)

I'm starting a new personal challenge.  You can join me at the cooking blog for the next 28 days (or so) as I take the latest Everyday Foods magazine and make every recipe in it.  Yeah, I said every recipe.  Sorta like Julie Julia, only I so can't do the 365-day thing!

And this is for Sashi's one true love - James @ Hans Hedeman Surf Shop in Waikiki.  (Don't you love the concentration?!)  Shaka!!!  <3
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