Sunday, February 20, 2011

52 recipes in 28 days?

Returning, briefly, to the whole 'self-imposed logistical nightmare' of doing The Everyday Food Challenge, I'm wondering if you and I are mutually aware that there are 52 recipes in this month's Everyday Food?  Thereabouts.  I've specifically decided to complete all the recipes - not those items that Martha and her compatriots deem 'pantry worthy' or 'oooooooh you should really eat these beans...'  No, I'm talking the recipes:  1 cup of this and a dollop of that.  Now having said that, I initially determined that I would include advertisers' recipes (the full-page ads in Everyday Foods that look mysteriously(??) like Martha recipes until you read the fine print at the bottom that reads: "paid advertisement" and you realize, 'duh.'  (Isn't that eloquent?!)  Since there are only maybe 1-2 of those this month, I'm going to hold off on the decision (everybody collectively gasps).  After-all, I still have 52 others to choose from.  For 28 days.   

We budget based on Dave Ramsey's envelope system.  Our miscellaneous and grocery expenses come out of the same envelope.  Which is invariably remarkably empty usually by about Day 8-9 out of 14.  Seriously.  It is notable how well we eat from the bottom of the freezer on a regular basis.  It's a good thing I used to buy a lot of those unhealthy, nonsensicle, frozen foods.  Back before the envelope.  Which was probably 3 years ago...Does that mean I'm saying I'm cooking foods for my kids that have been sitting at the bottom of the freezer for 3 years??  What?!  No, no, no ~ I'm not saying thatExactly.... {Remember all those trips to Bread Co morning, noon, and night?  OK, OK, that was an exaggeration, too, actually...or was it...??}  Hey - at least we ate.  So anyway, 28 days = 2 envelope periods.

Last Thursday as soon as all the kids were off to school, I took my Everyday Foods magazine, my new envelope full o'cash, and I traipsed through the Walmart.  For 3 hours.  I bought the majority of the items I would need to complete the first two weeks.  Even the green veggies.  That may not have been a great idea.  {Rotten veggies}  But I wanted to set myself up to succeed from the beginning and what derails a plan to eat healthy foods at home more than not having the right supplies?  OK, maybe the whole time issue, but besides that.  Having the Food.  Food derails the food plan.  (Aha!  So it's not me after-all...)  My total bill for food at WalMart on Thursday came to $136.68.  I visited Dierberg's the next day and spent $7 more.  So, less than $150 on groceries.  For us, that's pretty good.

So, we're ready to go.  Ready to get started.  Ready to hit the ground running.  Get this show on the road.  Head 'em up and Move 'em out.  Let's get cookin' baby!

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow we'll talk food.  {I promise. *insert cheezy grin here*}

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