Monday, April 18, 2011

80's Dance Par-TAY!

Friday night our school hosted an 80's Dance Party.  Whomever decided to focus on the 80's this year is genius (it's always been the 50's - a great decade in itself, but very low attendance dance-wise in recent years).  The turnout for the 80's was seriously record-breaking.  Kids were everywhere.  Literally.  Running from point A to point B (because that's how 1st through 5th graders ... 'dance?'), knocking down innocent by-standers, mutilating little people.  Better known as chaos.  But it was all good.  Actually, very good.

I may well never forget the moment I emerged from the bathroom with my hair in 80's glam.  {Big.}  My kids said, "Wow!" and "Mom, you look GREAT!"  It was one of my proudest moments.
Big hair went *POOF* by the end of a very busy night...but still tons of fun!

I scored a jackpot at Goodwill for Pookie's outfit - and she ended up winning Honorable Mention - amongst heavy competition, lemmejusttellyou!  Everyone was glammed up.  But she looked uh-mazing!  Her hair was HUGE!  Until she went to golf practice for an hour in the windy spring weather (Dad just wouldn't let her skip a lesson, beings that he's all about the golf.  And the bottom line).  When she arrived at the dance...her hair was no longer huge.  But she still won a Rubik's Cube for the effort, nonetheless  (which Daddy took apart tonite - just like we used to do in the 80's when the darn cube had us beat!  ... well, I actually just pulled off the stickers.  But he used to pull them apart and snap the colors back into the right places.  Still works like a charm)!

The dance was a huge success in terms of photography, too.  The PTO prez asked me a while ago to take party pics at the event.  We were able to make almost a 3-figure profit from my li'l camera, so I'm happy!  And if they ask me to do it again, I have a better idea of how to run the show.  (Always live and learn.)

More to come this week...
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