Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photo Day

It's been a busy few weeks for the PTO Photographer.  Never mind that it's mostly because I'm behind on all the photos and feel compelled to catch up before the literal end of the year.  School activities in general seemed to take over our lives for a period of time.

Thankfully, it's over.

Anywho, in honor of all those photos, I thought I would make a photo post for ya (along with a lot of rambling words...).  So, enjoy!  I'll post more soon!

 Remember when I told you about the batch of cupcakes I ate all by myself?  You don't blame me now, right?  I'll share the recipe another day!  (You really, really don't want me to, anyway.  Unless you have people who are willing to take these cupcakes away from you.  Far, far, far away from you...)

 Meiner's Science Fair project board.

MrT and Pookie's Science Fair project board.

 Our three winners - MrT and Pookie took 1st place!!!  Meiners took 2nd!  We are thrilled for them!

Pookie's Character Fair board. 

To be fair, here are all three! 

I was very proud of all three of them for the work they did.  (And the projects they took on ~ I have awesome kids!)

This one's for CJ - who played Science Fair Easter Bunny and snuck over to deliver presents to our Smarties.  (And cupcakes for their parents - YUM!)

And this one's for me.  Well - them.  These two - whom I collectively call "The Reds" - have such a unique relationship in the hierarchy of our family.  When I watch them interact, I always wonder if my oldest brother was like this with me when I was little.  I grew up with 3 big brothers - and I love that whole concept (of growing up with big brothers), so I love this relationship for Sashi.  And for T.  They are special together.  The way he is tender towards her.  I saw him nuzzle her belly to tickle her today and make her squeal exactly like he's seen Daddy do with his beard.  She leaps onto his back so he can carry her around the room.  Oh, they have their fair share of angst.  That's for sure.  But it's a sweet oldest/youngest relationship that I just truly enjoy witnessing.

I'll be back soon to share more stories of our days lately!
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