Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Backwards Day

I have always wanted to be that mom.  You know - the super cool one.  The put-together, has it in order, gets things done, plans ahead, dyes the milk green on St. Patrick's Day, makes fake food for April Fools Day super cool mom. 

With me now?  Yeeeaaah - that mom.

News flash:  I'm not that mom. 

Until now. 

Friday, after making enough chili and cornbread and strawberry cupcakes (YUM!  Recipe to follow...) to feed a small army (at the Ronald McDonald House - more to come on that, too!), I made my family April Fools dinner.  I left to serve chili dinner at the Ronald McDonald House, but I left cupcakes for the entree here at home.  (Meat loaf base and swirled, pink-dyed mashed potatoes.  Check out the recipe at Family Fun here.)  And chicken dinner for dessert (cupcakes with a variety of cereals and candies adorning the top - straight from the original Hello, Cupcake found here).  Lemmejustellyou they ate pizza for dinner.  No fooling.  (I've told you about our stellar eating before, right?)  Yup.  Dad made everyone eat one cupcake.  Err, I mean meatloaf.  Then he saved the day by letting them have pizza.  And chicken dinner.

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