Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More on 'cakes...

What a sweet family on Easter!

Seriously?  Yup.  I have more to say about cupcakes.

{Hey - I love 'em!}

But actually, I've just been doing a lot of thinking lately about blogging recipes.  During the Everyday Foods Challenge, I opted not to post the recipes we tried.  I sort of assumed, in a Young House Love sued by This Old House kind of way, that it would be taboo to Pete and repeat Martha's recipes when, after-all, she's just trying to make a buck and wants you to go out and buy her magazine.  Not check in with Karin to get the recipes for free.  At least, that was my thinking.  So I shared the success of our experience and left it at that.

Enter: Cupcakes.

I love love love cupcakes - and I love baking them.  I also love sharing recipes.  But is it OK to literally take a recipe from a cookbook and share it on the blog?  I actually did some research and found a great resource to this question.  I've seen David Lebovitz around the baking blogosphere and apparently he's the queen's jewels when it comes to baking and blogging, so his word is like the Bible.  Apparently. 


Having said that, and having read his post on sharing recipes, I've a mind to do so.  Except that it's been done.  Literally, if you google any of the names of cupcakes I'll share with you during The Cupcake Challenge (it now has a name - so it must be official!), you will find a host of other bloggers who have actually done the same thing (and here I thought I was so clever).  That, of course, begs the question of whether or not Pete should repeat and whether I should blog about baking Martha 'cakes when so many others have done so before me.  I guess, then, that it goes back to Emily's comment about life :: as art.  And then the making of 'art'...
You believe it’s already been said, done, created, explored. That you have nothing new to say. Say it anyway. Be brave anyway. Throw out your inhibitions and spin around in this crazy world of recycled ideas. There is nothing new to say. Say it anyway.
So, I may or may not share recipes - do you want me to?  I may or may not photograph the steps along the way.  But I actually see cupcakes as my art.  It's morphed through the years from stamping to photography to cupcakes.  I'm a little weird.  I get that.  But, bear with me as I take photographing cupcakes to a whole new level of obsession I mean artistry.  {Or not.}  Regardless, I'll be saying it anyway!  After-all, "Food writer Laurie Colwin once said that if it wasn't for people sharing recipes, mankind would not have survived."  And I don't want to be responsible for the fall of mankind.  I just want to bake cupcakes.
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