Sunday, May 22, 2011

another week :: in pictures

Another week has flown by. 

First off, Daddy's home!  Everything is a wee bit happier when Daddy's home (oh heck - it's a whole lotta better!).  He's been traveling a good part of May, so everyone was thrilled to have him back!  (Even Sashi gave him some sugar - and she's usually all mama's girl!)

Of course, cupcakes abounded.  Pookie's book It's Raining Cupcakes contained a few recipes she wanted to try.  I couldn't deny her the chance, so we set about creating "S'mores Cupcakes."  The frosting was tricky - basically buttercream infused with marshmallow fluff - sticky and amoeba-like.  But the cake was delicious and moist.  We'll have to make the cake again!  :P

My sister-in-law gave me Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery for my birthday last week.  And since I had bananas growing ripe on the counter, Sash and I ate one for lunch and then I tried a banana cupcake recipe from my new cookbook after everyone hit the hay!  I soon discovered we should not have eaten bananas at lunch.  I needed 3 and only had 2 remaining.  Should I tell you I substituted half a jar of baby food for one missing banana in the recipe?  (I searched the internet for banana substitutions.  I didn't have applesauce.  Or another banana.  So I ran to Walgreens and grabbed a jar of organic baby food!  {nothing but the best for MY cupcakes!})  Can I tell you it was by far my favorite banana cupcake EVER?!  Oh my gosh it was so good!  Primrose's chocolate buttercream was tasty too!


Those are real Callebaut chocolate shavings on top, too.  (I'm becoming such a cooking snob.)

I also finally tried Southern Living's Mocha Latte Cupcakes (it's a sickness, really).

I loved that the mini cupcakes fit perfectly into my old origami boxes from my stamping days.  How cute is that?  But I am truly taking a week off from baking cupcakes.  I think my friends have had enough of my cupcakes.  And I really can't eat them all myself.  I can't run far enough.

We ended the week at an underground railroad re-enactment...

...and camping!

the world's tiniest frog

It's the last week of school.  I just can't believe it.  You'll find me soaking up quiet time and making summer goals this week.  Hopefully I'll see ya soon!
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