Monday, May 9, 2011

She's a Good Man

Pookie was in a musical production this past weekend put on by a local theatre company.  After a week of rehearsals until almost 10:00 every night and a one hour drive home plus the two performances and a cast party [*breathe*]...we were very glad to see Sunday.

I really wanted to make the whole experience memorable for Pookie.  Last year, her musical theatre class put on a Veggie Tales play.  It was cute.  This year was the big time, though.  Her small class incorporated with the teens in the advanced classes.  So, we gave her the royal treatment.

I asked her to pick a few girls to come to the show and spend the night - knowing it would be late.  She chose, we invited, they ate at Macaroni Grill (Pookie's favorite restaurant), then they saw You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.  Instead of coming home and crashing as I'd expected no hoped, they partied late into the night.

*Note to Self: Next time, friends come to the final show.   {Lesson learned.}

The girls sought autographs (including Pookie's!).

 They asked for photos with the cast {"Charlie Brown was sooooooooooo cute. O.M.G.!"}

We sent them all home with fun souvenirs.  (The chalk board picture frames were my favorite.  No the Charlie Brown cake pops.  No.  They were all my favorite!)

I think they had a marvelous time! {I know I enjoyed watching all of them!}

...A BIG thank you to everyone who came and supported our Star of the Show!

Mr. T - who came to the show instead of accepting their ribbon from the St. Louis County Science Fair
(They won 3rd and Meiners won 2nd at the county)
Grandma and Grandpa!

Grammie and The Littles!

And CJ!
We'll be seeing you at the show!
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