Friday, March 16, 2012

Hearts in Harmony Event :: Part Two

Part One can be found here.  More about what Hearts in Harmony (and The Space Between) is about starts here.

We were engulfed all day with requests for photos and interviews and singing on stage (eventually all four of the kids arrived from their other activities and were able to sing with Erin as she performed)!  The whole day was fun, exhausting, memorable, and did I say fun, exhausting, and memorable?!

Cornbread from 92.3 WIL was with us for the first half, making things crazy-super-fun as you can see below!

There was jumping roping and hula hooping, EKGs, ECHOs, healthy snacks, and heart healthy quizzes for all the kids to enjoy!

One of the best parts was having all of Pookie's doctors and nurses show up to share in her fun.  We are so, so grateful for - and adore - all of these amazing people!

My other favorite part was hanging out with Dan Gray from KPLR Channel 11 and Fox 2 News most of the day.  He and his {gorgeous} wife - I didn't get a picture of her: Bummer! - (and their teenaged kids!) stayed nearly the whole time and were so sweet and gracious!  We've been fans of his for years, but now - immeasurably more!   (You can see his coverage of Pookie, the song, and the Hearts in Harmony event here.)

By 2:00, we were famished, dehydrated, exhausted, humbled, honored, happy, grateful, and a little relieved to be able to sit down...kinda like now, after finally posting all these photos!  ;)

One more giant thank you to St. Louis Children's Hospital for giving us this amazing opportunity.  There may be a chance in the near future to help us get The Space Between played on local radio stations during their listener-driven hours ... I'll be sure to keep you posted!

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