Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Planet Walk :: Spring Break 2012

Friday was our first day of spring break.  I reeeeeeeeeally wanted to travel this year for spring break.  Somewhere warm and beautiful and inviting.  Somewhere on a beach.  Like reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally badly.

Then I told my hubs I wanted to take the family on a mission trip to Chicago in June, on a trip west to the Grand Canyon in the summer, to Disney at Christmas, and I wanted to go to Peru on mission in August.  And he laughed and laughed and laughed.  And said we could do ALL of that. {:)!!!}  If I didn't go to the beach on spring break. {:(}


We are celebrating Spring Break St. Louis-style again this year.

And I'm {pretty much} OK with that... under the circumstances!

Friday we sat around aaaaaaaaall morning playing video games and totally vegging out {pretty much feeling sorry for ourselves}.  At noon, I gathered all my spring chicks together and said, "First person to convince a friend to come over gets to take them on a planet walk, a soda stop, and have frozen custard for dessert...ready, set, GO!"  They scrambled to get out of their pjs, find the phone book, and be the first person to find a friend who wasn't on a beach somewhere.

Meiners won.

We went to lunch at Fitz's soda company in University City for lunch, root beer, and a brief look at how they make their famous drinks!

It poured and poured and poured while we ate.  When we walked out of the restaurant, all we saw was blue skies, puffy clouds, and an adventure ahead of us:

Not many (if any!) of their classmates will return to school bragging that they traveled from the sun to Neptune!  At a ratio of 1 inch to 80,000 miles.  But my kids can!

The Delmar Loop is an uber cool area in the city famous for Chuck Berry and Rock 'n Roll, and the St. Louis Walk of Fame!   And recently, St. Louis' own Planet Walk

We ended our afternoon at {the world famous} Ted Drewes for frozen custard:

Bob Costas, Katie Couric, John McCain, Tony LaRussa, So Taguchi, and so many others have frequented this same location for yummy treats!  It was a nice ending to a super fun day.

One day down.  Nine more to go....;)
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