Monday, March 5, 2012

That Old Adage

Recently, I've felt more and more like this little guy:

A few weekends ago, the kids brought these two little guys home from school for the weekend. 

They played with them, entertained them, fed them, and basically doted on them all weekend.

Some took to the gerbil concept more easily than others.

But in the end, a good time was had by all.

I asked the kids how the teacher was sure these two gerbils wouldn't have babies.  "Because they're two boys, Mom," I was reassured.

Funny thing is, this one gave birth to three babies on Friday:

Welcome to parenthood, Oreo and Milkshake!  Let the rat race begin!  ;)

Meiners MAKES his ZhuZhu pet into a gerbil by adding a paper tail!  I just love that kid's creativity!

edited to add: bwahaha!  My friend just called asking me if I was pregnant ~ like the gerbil I referenced above!  Haha!  NO!  I meant to refer only to the rat race I find myself in because of all the running we do with four kids in various activities!  I can totally see where she'd get that inference, however, so please allow me to set the record straight!  No more babies over here!  {Unless they're gerbil babies!  And even then, no thank you!  Oreo and Milkshake are living out their days of parenthood back at school where they belong!!!  ;)  LOL - still laughing about this one!}
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