Monday, March 12, 2012

Hearts in Harmony

Even as a kid, my mom always warned me to not overdo lest I wear myself out too much and fall on illness.

Whelp.  February 2012, one of my favorite months of all time, came and went.  Then came March.  And illness has spread from one of us to the other to the other to .. well, me.  And I can't seem to shake it.  But the blog must go on, right?  There are stories to tell!  I have to get back up and get going!  (Feverish, exhausted, delirious a little...sure.  But there are stories to be told!  Write stories under these circumstances?  They'll be {in}famous for sure...)

February 25th was our Hearts in Harmony event!  Oh man ~ when the marketing agency called me last fall to initiate all the eventual hooplah surrounding Pookie and her heartbeat in a song written and performed by Erin Bode, February 25th seemed loooooooooooong in the future. 

And then it was here!


And what a day!  What an experience.  What a time of our lives!!

First of all, my amazing and brilliant twins were awarded the opportunity to participate in our school district's Academic Olympics.  Holy Cow.  Stress.   We had to get Meiners to basketball with Coach Daddy, Pooks and T to the high school for Academic Olympics before rushing Pookie right on out of her event and on to Heart in Harmony.  She looks a little scared here, doesn't she?  Thank God for Grandmas and Grammies who made all the above possible!  ;)

Pookie may have been {un}deniably nervous, but Mr. T was definitely in his element ;)!  Mr. T performed for the Math Olympiad.  He called me later and told me he'd answered 18 out of the 30 problems.  Because he insisted on using only a pencil and paper even though the students were allowed to use calculators.  I told him I was so proud of him for staying true to himself - a true mathemetician, for going old-school - no calculator, and for being an awesome representative of our family and God's kingdom.  He is such a super kid.  Totally obsessed with Pokemon.  And math.  But an amazing spirit I am so lucky to call My Son.

Pookie represented with Storytelling.  And she is a little storyteller.  I completed a parent's personality assessment of the kiddos in a parenting class I took at church recently, and one of Pookie's attributes included, "Wild Storytelling..."  ;)  (She was an "otter;"  T was a "golden retriever."  I oughta write about that when I'm feeling better, too...)

Then came The Event.  Can I promise more tomorrow?  The Tylonol is kicking in and I'm feeling better, but ooooh golly can I imagine that Memory Foam Pillow in my immediate future and  I don't want to miss any important details NOR fun pics! 

I'll see you again tomorrow!

P.S.  To see Pookie's story on NBC, click here!
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