Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am THAT mom

I am the mom who suffers from a great deal of anxiety. I don't think you'd know it that much if you met me --- I don't even think my dear husband knows how often I suppress my anxiousness and muster on my way. I remember exactly in college when I began my Freedom Prayer. That is when I say, "Well, God, we've done the best we can [to prepare]. Now, Lord, please help me just do the best I can [to finish]..." This has worked with exams. Flute solos. Preschool parties...yesterday's post was a little tongue in cheek mixed in with a little bit of me...tongue in cheek.

In addition to this unveiling of my soul yesterday, I am here to tell you I am this mom, as well. Yes, I am the one who INSISTS the kids MAKE the teachers their gifts. I read once that these are the best gifts...It is a rare occasion that I head over to the Bread Co for gift cards, yes indeed (unless they're to myself...but that's another addiction I mean blog post).

This year, I sat down with the laptop in the comfy chair, fire blazing in the fireplace, and called each kid over one by one to peruse the Family Fun website to decide what they would be making for their educators this year.

They chose well. Now, getting them to make the gifts...well, my husband told me not to be that mom if I didn't want to be that mom...you know. The one who yells at the kids cuz they aren't finishing their teacher's gifts and the party is tomorrow. That mom. *sigh* Oh the irony of it all...

Oh well! Here's what Pookie finished tonite for Mrs. L. ~Pretty, no?

I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but there's an 'L' embossed at the bottom of the velvet. Very pretty, YES!

And the boys...well, I'm loving what they did, as well. Both of their teachers are dog lovers. Doesn't this look yummy?

It's made with carob chips - a chocolate-like food that is safe for dogs. We found the dog bark recipe here. And we added doggie pumpkie cookies. The recipe for those is here.

Meiners showed some skillz as he made Miss Jen's puppy, Hank, some tasty treats.

T went a little nuts...

But they turned out fabulously!

And for the humans, we made truffles. My friend Vonda is my Martha (Stewart, that is...) Her recipe for truffles includes three ingredients: 8 squares of Baker's chocolate, 1 package cream cheese, and melted chocolate chips for dipping. Y.U.M.! And her trick to make them look pretty without losing your sanity ... leave them to set with the dipping toothpick still stuck in the bottom. In her words, "You're too busy oohing and aahing over how pretty the smooth tops are to notice the bottoms have big dents..."

Oh so true, MamaV, oh so true!

So, it's all about presentation, isn't it? Here's tonite's unveiling...(and I don't mean any additional deep dark secrets about myself...except that I love chocolate. In big ways...)

A little note to warn the Pet Owners which treats are dog friendly and which aren't...

And (drum roll, please...) The origami boxes my boys made (oh yes they did!)...

And one more thing checked off my list...

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