Monday, December 15, 2008

Preschool Party

I have been feeling no peace lately. I'll just tell you that. I have an anxious heart and I hate that. Anxious? About all the To Do's. Isn't that unfortunate? I'm just telling you. Because you're out there, and I know you understand.

Today was our first snow day of the school year. And no offense to my youngest son, but I sorta hope tomorrow is too. See, it's preschool party day tomorrow. And even though I have the whole thing planned out from who's going to help the kids stamp their fingerprints onto dried Paperclay ornaments to who's going to lay out the snowman yogurt cups with Christmas M&Ms to who's going to read the stories and yet...I still get nervous. I mean, they are preschoolers. They eat moms for breakfast. Don't they? Feels like it.

Do you think parties were this tough for our moms? I mean, I talk to the other moms in class. No one wants to be the room mom. There are entire Kindergarten classes with no room mother. For the Christmas party, for Heaven's sake (well, call it like it is --- the Winter Party nowadays). What is that?!

I'm telling you. They eat moms for lunch, too. And probably for dinner.

I'm scared. Very scared.
Look at him over there on that sidebar. He's licking his little reindeer lips on the inside. He and all his ravenous little friends...

Wish me luck!
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