Saturday, December 27, 2008

Homemade Christmas

I love homemade Christmas. Who am I kidding? I love store-bought Christmas, too. But every year for I don't even know how long (2 years, max) I've made gifts myself, in some cases - and bought them, in others. Christmas crafting is a way for me to try out a new craft and get it out of the house. (We have a small house overflowing with all my creative projects gone to give is a blessing! Yes, that is the reason...) Of course, there are those homemade gifts I wish I could have kept, but didn't because I couldn't (after-all, I wasn't the intended recipient!). And then those I did keep because I did. Keep them. And no one knows but me who would've gotten this blanket if I didn't absolutely LOVE curling up with Fussy every morning by the fire wrapped in our Santa wrap with my Target Jingle Bell slippers all keeping us toasty. And snoozy.

Isn't he handsome? And right at home there on my leather chair - I mean my husband's chair. Whatever. I made four of these - three for my honey's employees and one - the original - for a nondisclosed recipient. Now he's mine. All mine.

My other pride and joy is this little pillow. I came up with idea myself. By reading Martha Stewart. (Again, whatever.) And I bought the printer-fabric-paper-stuff myself and printed the photo and Nester'ed it up with stuff we had around the house and some fringe (the real Nester'ing). I love this pillow. I'm sure my mom will never notice if I steal it back and place it in my own home next to him (see above).

And this is a treasure. My husband did homemade Christmas this year, too. And he made me this:

It's my blog! All printed out - into TWO HUMONGOUS volumes! Forever! Ever since I started typing out these posts, I've said I would print it out one day. And he did. He printed the whole thing and then took it to Kinko's to have it bound for just a few bucks! For me. Love him.

So, there you have it. Just a little look into our Homemade Christmas!

More Christmas to come in days to come...!

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