Thursday, February 5, 2009


I feel like I need to scrub the toilets again. I've invited some dear friends to visit my little spot in the world. These are the people who keep me sane with regards to hearts. These are the moms and dads (and kids, too, --- shout out to Z, if he stops by! One of the coolest 16 year-olds-to-be, evah!) who have walked a rocky path alongside me and continue to amaze me with their strength and their compassion.

I cut 346 circles this week for 7 of these photo albums:

February is National Heart Defect Awareness Month. We take time this month to tell our doctors and nurses thank you. Along with heaping platters of cookies, brownies, and candies, these photo collages will serve to visually remind our beloved cardiologists, nurses, and ancillary staff at three local pediatric hospitals that we appreciate the jobs they do.

We also made plates for the perinatologists who often diagnose our children's heart defects before their birth, to affirm that early diagnosis leads to improved health of the baby at birth as well as increased success of initial heart surgeries.

Tags attached to the side of each photo identified the diagnosis as well as the child's age. The doctors may refer to these photos to bring hope to an expectant mom and dad with a newly diagnosed heart condition.

Thank you for being who you are, Friends.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!


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