Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fine Lines & Fragrance

I've been out of it lately. I don't think I've been myself, and I am desperate to improve. I've contemplated the fine line between being a "good" parent and being the parent you see at WalMart yelling at her kids and stomping around in ill-humor. (I don't know what the relationship between the front doors of that store and my little angel going squalling ape are, but I've seen it enough to know the correlation exists...)

I am burying myself in the Bible. At least, I'm trying to. Our church is diligently encouraging us to be in the Bible daily. Then, my sweet Wednesday Bible study group began this book last week, which further prompts daily, early morning communing with our Maker. And the kids were sent home with daily devotionals this past Sunday. So, I'm making the effort. My $1.99 book also came in the mail in the midst of all my internal and subsequent external conflict, as well. So, you'll note in my photo what I am sitting with currently. My mom brought the tulips. My sister-in-law planned the photo shoot with all the grandkids to celebrate my MIL's birthday, and this morning I framed the one we took of just our kids while Mother Earth fed Little Roo. And the candle, well, it's a cheap-o WalMart one that is setting the fragrance in my home. My home needs a new fragrance (as opposed to o'de'dawg that has begun to permeate in very bad ways...)

So, please forgive my apparent absence here again lately. I've been visiting, but haven't much to say for myself. I will answer my interview questions, Gramma; and I will definitely be sharing my take on Family Fragrance. Because it is one of those books you pass around to all your friends and take valuable insight from even after just the first few pages. Then, of course, you have to live it. And fail at it. And learn. And live it again.

Because that's life, after-all.
(Trial + Error) x Grace.
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