Thursday, January 29, 2009


Have I ever told you I have the nose of a blood hound? It's true. I can smell pet urine from three rooms away. (It's a blessing. Not.) My mom quit smoking so I wouldn't have to smell cigarette smoke permeating my wedding dress (I love my mom! This month marks 11 years of pink lungs!) Seriously. Smell. It can make a mood or break a mood.

Recently, some of my fellow bloggers have been addressing how to make your house a home. On Christmas Eve, I started using a book my MIL gave me years ago focusing on mealtime devotions. Unfortunately, those pee mongers (our puppies, if you can still call 50+ pounds of dog a puppy) ate the page discussing the 'fragrance' of the home. So I've been curious. About the Fragrance of a Home. And today, I bought this book for $1.99 online (plus tax, minus a coupon --- never, never, never purchase anything without looking online for coupons. Seriously.) I'll keep you posted about its relative worth. Anyone out there read it already??

P.S. Pookie was in the hospital for 6 weeks. Baby Kaitlyn remains in critical condition. Improvement can be a slow process. Please do not forget about her in the meantime. She and her parents need your prayers as often as you can think of them. The docs were giving her a couple of days of rest before moving on to the next step. Thank you for loving those you've never met. Perhaps you would like to see the baby for whom you pray. Please check in on my dear friend Faith's mom - she's a photographer with a little spot in the bloggy world, and you can see sweet photos of Baby K. Enjoy.

Love you all.
And you smell fabulous, My Dears.
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