Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

I just have to tell you, because you may not know, that many of us in the heart group have been told to say good~bye to our babies. My dear friend was told to give her baby a kiss and to prepare for his death. He spent his first year at heart camp with my daughter last year - all 5 year-old tow-headed boy that he is! Pookie herself was given a 50/50 chance of surviving her first heart infection, though the docs never let on it was that bad. I watched her nearly die one night as the resident on call was too scared to call the surgeon for help. (Don't get me started on residents. God love 'em and guide them all, please, Lord.) And many of the children in my support group have suffered seizures and lived to share the most gorgeous smiles and stories of triumph (I know their smiles first hand, as I am compiling photos of them currently in our annual thanksgiving drive for Valentine's Day). All this to say there is life with a broken heart.

Part of our support group's thanksgiving drive this year is to educate perinatologists and ultrasound technicians that there is life with a broken heart. Countless numbers of mothers and fathers are told at their ultrasound visit that their baby's heart is incompatible with life. Yet this information is inaccurate. One further visit - to a pediatric cardiologist - can renew their hope. It's a difficult road sometimes. But I guarantee you that every last one of these mothers would rather hold their baby and give their sweet angel the chance at life on earth than to never have had the opportunity.

So, I just ask you to keep praying. For a miracle for Kaitlyn. I guess I can say that I have witnessed miracles. I don't suppose I realized it in the midst of the struggles, sometimes. But, as I look back over my life with this group of people, I see strength. And hope. And life. And I can attest to seeing Miracles.

Please continue to Pray.
It is working.

Faith wrote later today asking for prayers specifically for Kaitlyn's mom and dad. They are not eating and have not been able to sleep in days. I took a huge basket of food to them yesterday in an effort to do something. I also shared with them today that they have prayers going up on their behalf from as far away as Australia, England, and Hungary. You have no idea how much that means to me, and I'm sure to them, as well! When Pookie was so sick, my husband's aunt asked a missionary friend of hers in China to pray for Pookie. That kid still glows when she remembers that someone that far away cared enough about her as a baby to intercede on her behalf! So, you all may not know the extent to which it matters here in the snowy midwest that you are praying. But believe me, it matters beyond the mere scope of typed words. It matters so much. And it's working. Last word this evening is that she continues to hold on.

From Faith:
J just called and Kaitlyn is off of ECMO and she is alive! Praise God! She is on meds to control her blood pressure and she is obviously still on the ventilator. They did not have to do anything with her central shunt which Dr. H was fully expecting to have to do. So, the next 24 hours are VERY critical. If she can make it through the next 24 hours, her chances go way up. Keep praying for strength for this precious life and for her mom and dad.

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