Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At Noon Today

From our friend:

J called me a few minutes ago with a message to pass on to all of you. I took notes this time so that I will be able to pass along the important details.

Yesterday's echocardiogram didn't show increased heart function, however her heart function is suitable. Generally, they find that while on ECMO heart function improves and then hits a plateau. Dr. H believes that Kaitlyn's heart function has plateaued. Being on ECMO anymore past this point is not necessarily beneficial and it has very high risks. He also said that it is best to attempt to take her off of ECMO while things are stable so that they have time to tweek things as much as possible. In an emergency situation, they are not allowed that luxury.

So, today at NOON Dr. H and his team will do everything in their power to save precious little Kaitlyn. They will clamp the ECMO lines and then begin their "tweeking". The two important numbers are the blood pressure and the oxygen saturations. They can control the blood pressure with meds and the oxygen sats with the vent. If necessary, they will open the central shunt and see if that will help things. I know that many of you are recalling that the central shunt is what caused all of this in the first place. Dr. H said that it is more likely to help things 5 days post surgery after things have healed a little.

I don't know how to relay the seriousness of this very well. Dr. H said that coming off of ECMO kids have a 50/50 chance and Kaitlyn's are probably a little lower than that. Yes, they could always put her back on ECMO however, Dr. H said that there is not much gained from that. So, today is the day.

As her amazing Daddy said, "today will be a life changing day". J knows that we cannot all be there with them in person. However, he asks that we all be with them in spirit. Please lift this sweet family up in prayer all night and all day and especially at 12:00 tomorrow. God is a big God and this is not bigger than Him.
*heart image from Google images
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