Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's Working

I began a series of postive changes at the beginning of this new year, all in the name of my '09 Theme: Organization (also known as Less Screaming, Please, Mommy)! We're just over half-way through this first month, and I thought I'd give a little update.

The Laundry:

I have to speak of this, because I don't want Emily at Chatting at the Sky to get all creeped out. I hobby in the stamp business where we CASE - which is code for Copy And Share Everything. The reason this laundry room turned out so spectacularly (in my humble opinion - and besides my husband's EXCELLENT handiskills) was because I lifted the color scheme from Emily's office/laundry room. I did this because I don't have an independently creative bone in my body. I have done it before. See my linen closet?

(not bad three months after completion, huh??)

See my inspiration? Notice the similarities?

The actual success or failure of the laundry room makeover falls on my resolution to wash, dry, and fold at least one load every day. I created monogrammed baskets for each family member, thinking they would show increased ownership in the whole laundry process. How is this going, you ask?

Well, blankets that remained unwashed for upwards of a decade (oh yes) are now clean and folded neatly on shelves. I changed the sheets on all the kids beds tonite because the extra sets had been washed and placed in an easy to find, highly accessible location (with the exception of extra pillow cases...I just don't know where those are. Subsequently, T would like to know why he has a purple pillow case this evening. And Meiners hasn't realized yet that he's sleeping on mine...) Now, the remainder of the laundry continues to cascade out of my closet. But I still feel progress has been made considering the enormous number of loads that have been completed, despite socks still needing to be fished out of unmatched piles...And I really don't like that I have never-ending laundry. I mean, I like to look at the closet at least once per week, before clothes have been changed for the night and towels have dried freshly bathed bums to pile up anew, just to look at an empty closet before it fills up again. This whole one load per day thing means that there is always laundry to be done. That kind of stinks. But, it's working, and that matters. A LOT. Plus, the kids really are putting their clothes away! And T's Day-by-Day clothing organizer seems to help us get on the right track in the morning, as well!

Baby Steps.

I'll share other successful and less-than successful organizational stories again later this week...

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