Saturday, January 24, 2009

Please Pray. It is working.

From Baby K's daddy.

She is still alive...still fighting. They didn't expect her to make it through last night. By a miracle from God - her brain bleed did not change from last night to this morning and it was the same again this evening. There is no reason for this other than a miracle brought about by hundreds of prayers. Please keep praying for her.

She has been on ECMO (bypass) for 48 hours tonight...and are giving her another 12 hrs and will reevaluate in the morning. She's getting closer to the 3-4 days they hoped to give her. And EEG showed she has had seizures off an on all day but this is a result of the damage that was done - not an indication of more continuing damage...and was expected. They are optimistic about controlling the seizures with medicines and she has not had one since being on those meds. Fortunately this does not change things with her heart and brain.

They have turned the ECMO down to 50% and K has responded optimistically since 5 am. Her urine output has been impressive once things started again and her blood tests have all been moving in the right directions. Pray for her to regain her strength during this time so that she can come off of the bypass whenever they decide she is ready. They still have to figure out what do do with her central shunt (which is currently clipped shut so ECMO can work properly). They could open it, put another BT shunt in, or try the Glenn shunt....that's down the road and we aren't anywhere near that.

I am in the RMcD room beside myself with tears running down my cheeks reading all of your emails of prayer.

Please keep praying that her brain bleeds do not worsen...this is buying her heart recovery much needed time. Only the hand of God can hold them back.

Please pray so hard for her...she really wants to live. She's not giving up...she's still fighting....and we are still fighting for her. No one is giving up.... Pray for God to give her the strength to keep fighting and for healing for her body and for everything to keep moving forward...please...

On their behalf, I also implore you to pause and tell God about this baby.

Thank you,


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