Saturday, January 31, 2009

This comes to you from two of the most amazing people this world has left to offer...

At 8:35 pm last night we gave back to God the gift that he gave us 59 days ago. Our little angel went to be a real angel and we, her father and mother, had to let her go back to her heavenly father.

Kaitlyn Grace was truly a blessing in our lives and touched so many other lives...people that we know and people that we can only dream of. Everyone absolutely flooded heaven with prayers for her and for this we will be eternally grateful to each and every one of you who said even the smallest of prayers.

Kaitlyn leaves behind so many of us to become whole again in the kingdom of God. No more pokes, or beeps, or pain. She leaves behind so many wonderful memories packed into a too-short 59 days. She leaves behind a legacy of spirit and fight and a never-give-up attitude that I will spend the rest of my life trying to live up to. How many two month olds can say they have created a legacy?

Thank you all for being with her in spirit. I just know she could feel it all around her. The Saturday before her surgery, Jane and Faith, two wonderful family friends took some wonderful pictures of Kaitlyn Grace that we will always treasure as well as the memories of that wonderful wonderful day. We are indebted to her for this day which we will remember forever.

This all may have broken her worldly body. But this never took away her spirit. She never gave up - she never ever gave up.

We love Kaitlyn so much. She will always be our "Katie G", our "Katie Bug", our "little pumpkin." And we will definitely see her again...

-- Jay and Shauntae
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