Friday, January 9, 2009

Finalizing PIF

I am sending out a gigantic thank you to my dear friend Gramma2Many tonite! On the very evening that my own Pay It Forward contest ends, I received my gift in the mail from Gramma. And let me just tell you her generosity floored me! She not only sent me a wonderfully toasty knit wool scarf, she sent mittens for my kids, hats for the baby and my husband - and Sweet Niblets: CHOCOLATE!

Here's a picture of the kids all saying thank you ;)

So I'll be sending on some love to Frizz (truly, truly just a lifelong bff) and Trish (who shares a true angel story here). I already know what your gifts will be and when I'll be sending it --- but you girls don't! How fun!!!

Thanks, again, Evy --- everyone one of your handmade creations is perfect!
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