Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm having another baby

I have to. OK, I'm not. But you must. And when you do, you must have Laura Siebert photograph your little darling and then buy me a really, really big print so I can hang it over my fireplace where I'll look at it all the live long day. While my laundry goes undone and my children's noses unwiped and dinner burns and days pass. I will stare lovingly into the eyes of your baby. Cuz I'm not having another. But if I did, you better believe Laura would be taking the first photos. She is that good. No, she's even better than that. (btw, when you enter her website, it won't link right to it, but click under gallery - newborn, and you'll see the beauty of which I speak...)

And you know what? I know her. Well, I used to. We were band geeks together in high school. There go those stereotypes again. See? I never thought of Laura as an artist. Funny thing is, the last time I saw her was at Pookie's bedside in the peds unit of a local hospital. Laura was Pookie's nurse for one night shift. And now, she takes pictures that are this good. Go see. You won't regret it. And you will be changed.

Yes, she is that good.

And I have to go now and resuscitate my husband. He just read my blog title over my shoulder. Sorry, Honey. It's not true. I promise. But if it were, I'm telling you, Laura'd be my girl...
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