Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Friends, I have a son who gives 110% in everything he does. And he sees the world with such a unique perspective, we often find ourselves marveling at how 'they broke the mold after they made that one!' He flings his hair to the side like a carefree surfer. He goes without underwear. Daily. He prefers buck naked, actually. Upon seeing the traditional small, rectangular-shaped piece of tabular furniture gracing the middle of our living room - he prefers not to sit with his feet upon it - but, rather, to stand within its middle-regions and leap, flying-squirrel-esque into the air with reckless abandon. Do not light saber fight him. I repeat: Do Not. But do get into a kissy face contest with him, especially if you're me. Cuz he loves his ma. And his baby sister. And he can play with either twin with equal suave. He just lives life to the fullest. And he seems to handle it all pretty well one action-packed day at a time. He's a roll-with-the-punches kind of kid. The one who could be mid-flight on his way to impale his nether-regions onto the pointy end of a rake, yet he will be yelling the whole way down, "I'm OK! I'm OK! *thud*"

I give 110%, too. Usually to about one thing per day, week, whatever the case may be. And for that period of time, absolutely everything else falls apart around me. The laundry. The hair I mean carpet. The parenting. Sometimes I wish I could be 4 again. And run wild down the halls and pee into a cup in the car because I insisted I did NOT have to go before we left five minutes ago, even though I was doing 'the happy dance' on my way out the door...(please remind me to wash that cup, about 4 times, since it is my favorite coffee-from-home cup...OK, add that to the WalMart list, which is the length of Kentucky right now, since I've been working on something else...)

I just wish I could give 110% to everything all the time. And that the things I worked on with 110% of my being turned out as though touched by the very hand of God. Golden. Yet, it is with imperfect hands that I touch. Perhaps for today, my hands will work good enough. That what they work on will turn out perfectly - or at least good enough. And that even the imperfections will satisfy me - and Him - 110%.

For today, that is my prayer.
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