Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drama Queen

Yeah, if you know us, you may think this post is about Pookie. In a way - a very roundabout way - I suppose it is. Yet, it's no more about her than it is about me. But here I am.

This has been an ugly week full of lies, betrayal, ... drama. Well, maybe not quite those things. It's not like I live on Wisteria Lane. It's just not been a favorite in the annals of my history.

I don't enjoy drama. Especially chick political drama. I prefer to fly under the radar and perform best in the creative design realm. Design Star? Perhaps. Desperate Housewife? I think not!

Interestingly, God prepared me even for this - this week. Sometimes life isn't pretty. And it's not just the big hurdles of health that we are called to jump over - or faithfulness or employment or finances or whatever personal struggles we have been allowed. Sometimes it's being late to the doctor. Or choosing between enticing extracurricular activities. Or negotiating traffic. Whatever it is. The Hurdle.

It's Life.

It's pruning.

It's God calling us to a higher purpose and a better response. And when our response is:
Why God? Why?

It is knowing before you ask that the reason is unimportant. It's the process of how we manage ourselves through the race and what we learn from it. It's God guiding us to the "What can I learn from this" answer. That He is King and reigns over all. That no matter how 'bad' it is - He wins.

p.s. my husband rocks!
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