Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Waiting Game

During a conversation with my friend the other day, I expressed frustration that we've been put into sort of a 'holding pattern' with this 'house of our dreams' again. I purposed after that discussion to lessen the grip 'the future' has on my present because life is worth living every day. Not just in the days to come, but right here, today. This is life.

This morning, the little ones are coloring and enjoying Elmo's World, so I took the opportunity to read more in my new book. And unsurprisingly, God had something to say to me through Lysa. Specifically, regarding David, after he was anointed as king. God sent David back to the fields to continue being a shepherd. David doesn't express frustration or impatience to get on with being a king. In fact, at some time in his life he described quite the opposite (Ps. 23) - and praised God for making David lie down in green pastures, leading him beside still waters, restoring his soul, and guiding David in the paths of righteousness. Yes, we've all heard these words before. But Lysa helped me see these words anew this morning - reminding me of the rest, reflection, restoration, and right choices God is helping me make in this right now time.

She writes:
I find myself wanting to rush things, to get past the waiting as quickly as
possible. Sometimes I forget that God is doing significant things around
me and in me, even while I am waiting.

Praise be to God for teaching me this morning in an unexpected quiet time. Praise God that He is allowing me to rest in every day work, not the work of remodelling an overly-neglected 'new' home; of allowing me to reflect on what I love about our right now home and restoring my love for this house and my desire to make this place a fragrant home for my family; for helping us to make the right choice about moving or staying put. It's not an easy decision, either way. And thanks, God, for surprising me in new ways with old scripture.

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