Thursday, September 17, 2009


Halloween's approaching. I know, it's, like 6 weeks away or something. Half of you probably already have your children's costumes made/purchased and they're hanging in the closet. Or half of you have no idea what your kids want to be for Halloween - or you know, but you've made no moves towards it. It's 6 weeks away, after-all. Either way, I'm right. I know I'm right.

Last year we had THE best Halloween. It was a beautiful WARM Halloween night (unheard of in St. Louis in ALL my years of living here)! Plus, the four kids living under this roof were decked out in complimentary Star Wars regalia. They were stinkin' cute. (Even though I am biased.) To this day, people stop me to inquire about "Baby Yoda." (OK, it's half the second grade class where the twins attend. Whatever. Ok. Maybe three kids. Or two. )

So what to do this year? How can you compete with the BEST Halloween Evah?! Well, I've started prodding the youngins to start brainstorming their ideas.

One: a pirate. easy peasy.

Another: (Mr. Frugalisto) - Karate Kid (gee - no costume needed, just wear your uniform, Buddy. Are you sure you want to be 'just' a karate guy? ... OK. no prob.)

Baby: Ehmo. (translated, of course means Elmo.) ebay, check.

Fashionista: a giraffe. che--- wait a minute, what? You were a giraffe when you were, like, 3. Are you sure you want to be a giraffe? (I say to the person who wants to be a zoo keeper ... and moonlights as a fashion designer.) Seems easy enough. Check ebay. No. Every giraffe is no bigger than a 4T. Granted, she's tiny. But she ain't that tiny.




What to do.

God Bless Google. (Again.)
Lookie at this li'l number. Cauuuuute!

Although I'm not payin' such a pretty price for such a pretty giraffe skirt, I AM trying to find a jacket that looks something like this (Pookie's pretty Target print):

Pair that in a perfect giraffe print fabric with a pair of $10 giraffe ears and a tail, plus a nice black turtle neck and mini skirt underneath and a pair of black fashionable boots - voila! The 8 year-old's giraffe costume.

Anyone know where I can get a pattern for a jacket that looks like my drawing?
Seriously, anyone?

edited to add: I found a suitable one that comes with 27 different sizing options via a Canadian pattern company...seems like I should be able to get Little Diva her jacket out of that! Bought the boots today...we're on our way to The World's Most Stylish Giraffe!
(I'll post pics as soon as she's ready!)
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