Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When Will I Ever Learn?

Driving towards our crossroads this morning, two kids on the school bus and two kids in the middle of the van, I thought to myself, "I forgot my camera...oh well. What's gonna happen, really?" I continued on my course with the youngest two to the zoo.

(You know where this is going, don't you?)

Sashi wanted to ride the "Woo Woo!" (a.k.a. train for those of us with age appropriate language skills). Meiners wanted to see the Sea Lion Show. That's all we had time for.

We enjoyed the train. Sash seemed a little unsure of it, but I kept reminding her, "This is a train, Baby! How cool is that?" (Her favorite things in the whole world are vehicles of all types. We live about 15 miles from the nearest RR track - she hears the whistle blow every time one passes and screams, "Woo Woo! Mom! Woo Woo!" I hear nothing. Except her screaming. She has stealth hearing, I'm telling you.)

Then we ran off to the Sea Lion Show.

Oh yes. Meiners was chosen from a crowd of on-lookers and their cute little munchkins to be the assistant to the trainer. He 'targeted' Benny the Sea Lion with a fist in the air. Benny stretched his neck and rested his chin on Meiners hand. Meiners showed the crowd Benny's teeth by opening his fingers. Meiners petted the sea lion and told the people he felt like a wet dog with fur. He threw capers and squid to the waiting teeth and whiskers of his slippery newfound friend. He posed for a photo while Benny the Sea Lion gave him a kiss.

Um. What's that? He posed for a picture? I didn't take my camera. Cuz what's gonna happen, really?

I did, however, take my wallet with one remaining mommy card (not from this place --- I made my own...) - complete with email address and blogspot. I passed it to the sweet mommy sitting next to me who snapped away countless photos on her camera for me. I am just praying tonite that she remembers and sends me photos of my little man having the morning of his young lifetime. And me - one of the sweetest memories of mine.
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