Thursday, February 18, 2010

40 Bags in 40 Days

I contemplated calling this post:
It's a 'Coffee's On' Lent!

Cuz if you know me, you know that for 5 years in a row, I've given up Bread Co. and Icee Mochas, specifically, for Lent. And then you know that some years I was more successful at this than others.

This year, I'm drinking the coffee. I am, after-all, running 16-18 miles (consecutively) in just a few days. What Forgiving Lord wouldn't want me to have coffee before doing that to myself?

That being said, my Catholic friend once told me that her mom added things during Lent rather than subtracting. With the end goal truly being to develop a closer relationship to Christ, I decided that would work for me this year, too.

So, I began The Love Dare. Which truly teaches us to Love our spouse as Jesus loves His bride.

And what muddles up one's clarity - clearly seeing and searching for Him - than chaos? Mental chaos. Physical chaos. Chaos. So, for 40 days, I will be bagging up 40 bags of stuff, things, messes, dirt, junk, whatever I need to to relieve my life of a little bit more of the excess that isn't. To make way for The One Who Is.

Look at that first pic again. You were distracted by the cutie. Did you see the chaos all around her?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, lemme assure you.

P.S. Thanks, Sarah, for the idea!
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