Thursday, February 4, 2010

The What I Love Series :: Day 2

And now I'm two days behind. Perhaps this will be a month-long series - 14 posts, every other day. Would you grow absolutely sick of all my *hearts* by then, or would that just be me?

Anyway, in truth, this is Day 4. And don't groan because it's cliche. It's his birthday. I have to post about him on his birthday! C'mon!

To make it even more sugary sweet, here are specifically 37 things I love about this guy.
1. He makes me laugh.
2. Even when I don't want to laugh, he makes me laugh.
3. And then he makes the kids laugh, and that makes me laugh, too.
4. He is an awesome provider for this family.
5. He has an incredible work ethic - which is one reason why he is such a phenomenal provider.
6. He thinks differently than I do.
7. He thinks so differently than I do that sometimes I am amazed by how differently two people can witness the very same event. And I like how he helps me to see things differently.
8. He is logical.
9. He is intelligent.
10. He challenges the kids to also be intelligent.
11. He is my spell-checker. "Honey, how do you spell nostalgic? Check...Honey, how do you spell ..." Anyway, he's almost always right. At spelling words.
12. He's almost always right. But he admits when he's wrong. And he knows how to apologize.
13. He is always well-informed. Wanna know anything about politics, sports, the iPad, Tiger, squid off the coast - he's your man.
14. He buys me Icee Mochas. And brings them home to me.
15. He takes me to the Bread Co. for breakfast every week.
16. He makes amazing waffles. M&M for the kids. Blueberry for me. And butters them and cuts them, dowses them with syrup. And sprinkles on powdered sugar. (Those should count as more than one!)
17. He cleans the waffle maker after making waffles.
18. His bacon makin' skills rival the best chefs.
19. He is handy with tools.
20. He saved us hundreds of dollars by designing and building two separate custom-made entertainment centers - and used recycled wood.
21. He takes care of the yard.
22. He cleans up the dog poop.
23. He rarely asks for help taking care of the yard.
24. But he likes it when we help.
25. He's awesome at involving the kids in his home work.
26. He put a picture of Meiners in his workshop after telling him he was his "Little Helper."
27. Meiners grinned for days.
28. He sometimes finds Sasha's binky in the dead of night.
29. He soothes her when she screams, "But I want my mama! Mama?!?!?!?!?!"
30. He doesn't put up with crap from the kids.
31. He disciplines them, and he stands behind my discipline.
32. He says, "If Mom ain't happy, I ain't happy."
33. He always tries to make me happy.
34. He succeeds.
35. At just about everything.
36. But if he doesn't succeed, he keeps trying.
37. He is my best friend.

I love you, BigDaddy.
Happy 37th Birthday!
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