Monday, February 22, 2010

God Took the Binky

Sasha is a binky girl.

It's just true.

She loves it.
We have been able to sanction it to nap- and bed-times only, but she's tricky, that one. Sometimes, she'll place it in her bed at just the spot where a little toss of the pillow and a tug across the sheets and she's got her nubby back in her lips. Of course, we always send her straight back to her room to put it away again. And, usually, she does.

Apparently, some other times, however, she hides it in a secret place that only she knows. And when we aren't watching, when she needs a little extra security or a drag on that bink, she's unseen for a while until I find her hiding in the boys' room with it in her mouth.

Yesterday, Daddy told Sash to put her binky back in bed.

We don't know where she put it.

And neither does she.

Needless to say, last night, at bedtime, it was ugly.

There was much crying and gnashing of teeth.

And then, Sashi's crying started.

In an effort to assuage the anguish, I told Sash about the day Pookie and T decorated a small brown box with markers and stickers. How they gently {and lovingly} placed their binkies inside. And how they marched their box to the front of church. And left it on the altar. Where all the binkies go for God to give to the next generation of babies.

I gently suggested, as I wiped away the tears, perhaps it was Sasha's turn - to place her binky in the box - so to speak - and learn to sleep without it.

This morning, in all her 2 years of infinite wisdom, Sasha acknowledged that she'd slept through the night. That she'd fallen asleep for the first time without her security system.

"Yah. I know," she lamented. "God took my binky. And He didn't give it back."

Hmmmm...not exactly the take-away I was going for...
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