Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Dare

Edited: I really was exhausted last night - so I put together this post without any links. Now we're linked up! Participating in The Love Dare really means purchasing a book (here is a sample chapter). You might consider seeing the movie, but this book is a guide with journaling pages that will walk you through the 40 day journey.

The Love Dare from Mike Stecker on Vimeo.

Now, here's my Dare to you:

I have been beyond exhausted all day - and am not long for the awake world, but I wanted to issue a challenge to you all out there ... my regular readers (I love you!) and the droppers-by (Howdy/Welcome/Beinvenue!) ...

One year ago, during the Lenten season - 40 days - I completed the Love Dare. I did not tell my husband. I didn't have to do it. Maybe in a way I needed to do it, but I didn't need to do it...

And it changed everything.

My marriage has been better than ever.
And it took a commitment of 40 days ... and really, BigDaddy noticed within 3 days. But the changes I saw in myself and my attitude towards him and our marriage have been so remarkable that I am going to complete The Dare again. This Lenten Season.

And I challenge you to do it, as well.

Talking to my pastor recently, and through talking to other women, I am stricken with how our marriages are suffering today. I encourage you to consider completing The Love Dare alongside me. Perhaps we can share ideas/encouragement while we're at it.

I'm thrilled to get started. Again.
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