Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And Heaven's Doors Are Opened Again

Today, God took Home one of Pookie's heart friends.

This is the first child that Pookie personally knew. She played alongside him. She cheered for him to catch a fish. They splashed in the pool. Completely unaware of their own mortality.

Completely unaware.

And now her friend is gone. And we are left to pick up the pieces of these hearts.
And for some reason. For some reason, God decided it would be us. Me. Sarah. Faith. Emily. Roxanne. Darcy. Janet. Tina. Erin. Stacey. Wendy. Robin. Lynn. Ann. Shauntae. Meredith. Michelle. Monica. Susan...

I want it to not be me. I want it to not be me. or sarah. or faith. or emily. or roxanne. or darcy. or janet. or tina. or erin. or stacey. or wendy. or robin. or lynn. or ann. or shauntae. or meredith. or michelle. or monica. or susan.

And yet, it is not our choice to bear this pain. Nor was it Paul's choice to bear the burden he begged God three times to remove. Or even Jesus' own - that which He grew agitated over and sweat drops of blood. He bears my burdens because He has walked this path. Only His path was longer and rockier and ultimately led to my Life.

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