Monday, March 8, 2010

:: Potty Training 101 ::

Some of you already know the struggle we've been through to potty train Sashi. Before I begin, let me backtrack to potty training all the rest of our kids...


"Yes dear?" I would answer.

"I go potty on the pot?"

"Why yes, yes you may," I would reply

And that was how I potty trained 75% of my brood.

{And you think I'm kidding...}

Sashi would not be so easy. After turning 2, I asked her, "Do you want to go potty on the pot today?"

"No sankyou," she would reply.

After she turned 2 1/2, I asked her, "Would you like to try panties today?"

"Notrightnow," she answered.

I tried 3 times to just put panties on her.

She didn't pee all day.

Except that one time when she went behind the Christmas tree for a little too long and suddenly we heard screaming the likes of which reminded me of a poltergeist. And there was potty to clean off the floor.

After that traumatic experience, I couldn't even blurt, "Would you like..." before she would run screaming from the room.

Then last week, my envelope ran out of cash. You know how we follow the Dave Ramsey Plan, right, and for us, that includes using an envelope of cash for all miscellaneous and food purchases. Welp, I dunno how it happens, really, but before payday, that envy tends to run out of cash. It's good at budgeting that way.

{First Step: Denial. Transfer Guilt to Inanimate Object}

So, I had no cash. And I ran out of diapers. "Sash, I have no diapies for you today. You're gonna have to wear panties." She questioned me, but put them on.

Then, as she and her brother poured the dogs' daily meal into their bowls from the garage, suddenly the garage door flung open. Sashi stood in the threshold with a look of terror.

"You say you have no diapies today?!" she squeaked.

"No Honey, I don't." I replied.

"Then I have to go potty!" She ran through the door and into the bathroom.

She's been potty trained ever since.

The End.
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