Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seeing Anew


I seem to be doing that a lot lately.


I'm stuck on an airplane with no destination.
{{a holding pattern}}
I have projects desperately awaiting my capable hands, rendered incapacitated due to my fear to move forward. Fear? In a movement? Or simple immobility due to the staggering enormity of the tasks at hand?

So much to do.

Hubby says, "Make a list."

I say, "It would be too long."

"So make a short list."

"It wouldn't be long enough."

Fortunately, unlike myself and what I would do faced with such staunch lack of action, he does not throw up his hands and walk away.

But I sit. My mind wandering in 18 different directions, gazing at the folded laundry not put away, the boxes of cereal that don't fit into the cabinets, the dirty walls that need to be painted, and I do nothing.

And yet, I am given the chance to see briefly with different eyes. At that moment, I peer out from my stubborn vantage in the chair and witness the blessings of the tasks awaiting me.

Which I'll get to...just as soon as I get up from this chair.

thanks, Emily --- for reminding me to spritz the lens with that special camera cleaner. And to see it all anew. Again.
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