Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bake Sale

We visited the World Bird Sanctuary last week for our Traveling Tuesday event - and to deliver about a dozen bird houses Mr. T and Hubby's Boy Scout den had made for them. We tend to go there quite a bit.

There's a funny story about a trip to the zoo when it was just the twins, a purchase of a couple small paper cups of nectar, and dive-bombing parakeets in a walk-through bird cage that led to Pookie being deathly afraid of birds until our heart friend Benjamin's birthday bash at the World Bird Sanctuary. Somehow, Pookie's love of Benjamin (and letsjustadmit all things party) superceded her total-hyperventilating-shaking-like-a-leaf-screaming-behind-mommy's-knees response that was usually elicited upon visual recognition of a feathered friend. Since that 5th birthday party 3 years ago, however, Birds are now the girl's best friend...


After last week's visit, Pookie and Meiners decided they would like to adopt a bird. I quickly discovered and rectified the idea that adopting a bird meant bringing the highly useful yet very wild animal home. I likened it to the child we sponsor in Iraq. We didn't bring her home, right? (Tho we would if we could...) They seemed to understand a little more clearly the concept of adopt/sponsor.

The kids perused the pamphlet and quickly determined it would take them months to earn enough money under our family financial regime to adopt a bird. So they decided to have a bake sale.

They are selling cupcakes! Gorgeous, delicious, and amazing cupcakes, if I do say so myself (after-all, I am their Head Baker). They are baking red-velvet (just in time for the Fourth!), chocolate-peanut butter, lemon blueberry surprise, and OWL cupcakes. The cost is $10 for a box of 4, or one cupcake for $3. If you live in the StL area and want to assist the World Bird Sanctuary adoption, as well, you can send me a note via my contacts ;) .



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