Monday, June 7, 2010


I've been highly anticipating the birth of my newest nephew. The excitement of witnessing new life is one thing. Being granted permission to photograph that new life is another.

As our family awaited BabI's birth, I avidly browsed professional photography websites. I mentally catalogued ideas. I requested special headware be knitted, purchased baskets, washed up old blankets. I bought new gear. I reviewed my Photography for Dummies books. And I waited.

On Sunday, BabI came to visit me in my basement studio (I laugh). I positioned and fretted and arranged and breathed a big sigh when we bid our farewells. It seems that capturing those first few days of life can be a little stressful. I looked through the results and analyzed and critiqued and wished I'd had a few more minutes. Or hours. Or days. Maybe I need another baby of my own ... ? (I laugh.)

Last night I googled local professional photographers. I've begun quite a list of artists in my sidebar that I admire - and one thing I notice is that oftentimes their by-lines say: City/State Child insert the city. So, for instance, St. Louis Child Photographer.

Well, I happened upon one who shared quite a bit of information on her personal blog about pricing and getting the shot, etc. And one post was entirely aimed at me. Or, more specifically, what she called the 'Mommy Photographer Wannabes.' I read her blog and began to wonder at my own self. The nerve of me to think that I have the right to take precious pictures of someone else's child - all because someone else once told me I take nice pictures.

Anyway, it's silly, really, how I let the comments of others so highly affect my own self image. And completely anonymous comments, considering I don't know this woman from Adam. There was truth to what she said in some ways. To capture a good picture is not necessarily a talent. But to capture a good picture and make it art may well be.

Anyway, I spent half the night tonite browsing through photos. That I took. And adding special touches via photo editing (because, in my humble opinion and no offense to my professional photography buddy - sometimes the only difference between my shot and hers is the editing software...). Hopefully my 'customers' will like what they see (you know - my family).

And anyway, it's just fun to try.
Thanks, Mother Earth & BabI Daddy for the opportunity.

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