Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10-4 Good Buddy! It really is a great day for an anniversary!

I am not always a fan of 'the gift thing' (although I am NOT against them entirely [yes, that's for you, MIL]...;) ).  We live in a small house with a lot of people who seem to like to collect things, so I actually like gifts that are more experiential.  For instance, last Christmas we took the kids to Chicago as part of their gift. This year for our anniversary, because my hubby "has people in town" (i.e. The Bosses) on our actual anniversary, he planned ahead and took the day before our anniversary off to hang out with me.  And man did we enjoy our day together!

We took 'The Fabric' - what Sara calls my husband's midlife crisis - the convertible [because I call it The Maverick and she doesn't say Maverick, she says Fabric - so all convertibles now are either 1) "Grammie's car" ( a VW Beetle convertible) or 2) a "fabric" (which is actually an '89 BMW convertible)] - to Hermann, Missouri, or Missouri wine country.  We had a blast there on our 10th anniversary, so we knew it would be a great day!

We walked around town for a bit and bought Sara a slushy. Hubs held my hand and whispered sweet things in my ear. OK, really he told me I excel at being lazy (he called it 'relaxing') and doing nothing (he called it 'companionship') ;).   I'll take it.  I do tend to be the more laid back of the two of us (i.e. nothing ever gets done with me around...).

We stopped at Stone Hill winery and got an education from our fabulous Sommelier Charlotta (name changed to protect the innocent!).  She gave us the 4-1-1 on Hermann politics, I'll tell you that much!  When we vistited three years ago, there was an old high school building for sale that I could just picture being a fabulous spot for country shops on the first floor, coffee and baked goods for sale, my father-in-law's furniture...The second floor would be perfect as an income property with lofts for rent and the top floor, of course, our home - refurbished with all the asbestos and critters removed, first, of course.  A wee bit surprisingly (or not, as the case may be....), the high school is still for sale, so after discovering that Charlotta had refurbished an old Catholic church near town, we started chatting about the old high school's potential.

Apparently, Hermann is a very small town.  {And all that that means in terms of politics and newbies moving in and stirring things up.  ;)}

But we sure enjoyed the wine tasting, the conversation, and - actually - running in to an old college classmate of mine from our undergraduate days in Kirksville!  (such a small world...)

We ate at one of my favorite restaurants in all of the midwest (actually, I'm serious) - Wings Ablazin.'  I can't believe I don't have a photo of the place!  But we did have Sashi take our {anniversary} picture.  She did a pretty good job (can you tell who she loves "the most?"  - a blogpost for a different day):

And she got better quickly!

Oh wait - here we both are!

I love that picture - my new fave of the two of us!
And because it's us, and we're just this silly:

We also made a stop at Hermannhoff Wineries - where Tres was able to get that Sommelier talking, too.   It really does drive me crazy the way John, his dad, and my mom can talk to anyone.  I roll my eyes and wish we could just move on, but inevitably, I am drawn in and grateful for the way they can converse and bring on stories we otherwise would never have the privilege of knowing.  They are so annoying like that.


But man alive did she weave a tale of monopoly, espionage, and arsen!  

From there, we stopped at the town chocolatier (the baker: closed again!) and then, home - with the top down, of course!

A big fat thank you to my awesome husband - who makes life just a whole lot sweeter (with and without cupcakes).  I can't imagine a better man to share my life with.  I am a lucky girl!

...and now I better go clean the kitchen!
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